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Keeping Coffee Fresh (Part 1)


In my last blog post about why coffee goes stale, I mentioned an experiment to see if keeping coffee away from oxygen would keep it fresh longer.  This is part 1 of that experiment.

I chose my Chemex and a bag of Verve Coffee's Buena Vista roast.  It has a Roast Date of January 31 on the bag, so it's less than 3 days old (It's early in the morning on February 2 here in Malvern, Pennsylvania).  The coffee smelled excellent and the bloom was puffy and bubbly: the signature of freshly roasted beans.  This is the benchmark we'll compare to in the coming weeks.

Next, the remaining beans were split into four jars, with oxygen absorbers in 3 of them.  In the coming weeks, we'll open the jars and test them for freshness.  Is oxygen really what is sucking the life out of my old beans?  I'm going to find out!

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